Weekly schedule


12:30 Lunchtime vinyasa express (45min) - Clerkenwellbeing

13:30 Yin yoga (60min) - Clerkenwellbeing


17:00 Vinyasa flow (60min) - KBPT @ Netil House

Any additional yoga classes will be posted on Instagram



One-to-one yoga classes

Private yoga classes are an effective and personalised way to deepen your yoga practice. Whether you’d like to focus on building strength and flexibility, learn meditation and breathing techniques, or simply treat yourself to a private session, I can tailor a yoga class to suit your needs.


Work-place yoga classes

Yoga in the workplace is a wonderful way to give back to your employees. Whether you would like to offer an express lunchtime class, an after-work yoga class, a workshop or even yoga on a work weekend away, I would be delighted to discuss your needs.